How to Put on Your Own Fashion Show


Collect clothing
Clothes are the most important aspect of a fashion show. Be sure to choose your best designs. These designs will represent what you have to offer to consumers and retail outlets in any given region. The amount of clothing that you choose will depend on what is available and how long your fashion show will be. Try to have at least 50 pieces of clothing to showcase.
Decide on a Budget
You must decide on what you are able to spend for your fashion show. This will determine your operating budget. Fashion shows can be organized on both small and large budgets. If you are running low on funds, it is best to determine what the most important areas of the event are. The budget should be focused on these areas.

There are lots of people who will be willing to volunteer services and goods for your fashion show. You can also get family and friends to help. Another great option would be to spit your fashion show with another designer. This can be done by searching for artists and designers who may want to showcase their clothing or jewelry in front of a wide audience. You can also offer sponsorship packages for the fashion show to small businesses in your area.

Determine your goal
One of the most important things will be to determine what your end goal is for organizing a fashion show. This will help you to make sure that you do not waste any time focusing on unnecessary tasks. Your goals may include exposure or sales. In many cases, designers want to obtain both things. Fashion shows are a great way to introduce your designs to the public. It is possible to make lots of direct sales at this kind of event.

Make an invitation list
Invitation lists are vital if you are seeking exposure for your designs. Some fashion shows have an admission price for public attendance. Other events may be held as private affairs. Your goals will help to decide on whom to place on your invitation list. Magazine editors and news reporters are great people to invite to your fashion show. You can give out nice wooden dinnerware sets for them too!

They are in a position to provide lots of exposure for both the event and the designs. If you would like to sale your designs in bulk, it is important to invite many people who are in charge of purchasing merchandise for retail stores. You can also make your fashion show available to the public. This will enable you to make individual sales right on the spot. Shoppers will also help to spread the word about your designs.

Choose a location
The location of your fashion show will depend on how many people will be in attendance. Fashion shows can be held at various places including banquet halls, schools and galleries. If your event is being held in the summer, it may be possible to organize your fashion show to take place on a local beach or cruise ship. You can also try to collaborate with other local events. When it comes to finding locations for a fashion show, the possibilities are endless.

Arrange a theme
Many fashion shows operate around a central theme. While you may not have the resources to create fireworks and extravagant lighting designs, themes are important. Be sure to put together a CD with the right music for your fashion show. If you are showcasing wedding dresses, you may want to use soft music as opposed to Justin Timberlake’s latest pop music hit. Decorations will also add a nice touch to the atmosphere for your fashion show.

Find Models
Your designs will look their best when showcased properly. That is why it is vital to have good models for your fashion show. Models can be located through agencies and online. If you are not able to pay expensive fees, try to find models without representation. It is important to hold rehearsals with your models prior to the fashion show.

Select a Host
All fashion shows need a good host to introduce the show and present descriptions of each design. You can do this yourself to cut costs and preparation time. However, if you are not comfortable talking in front of an audience, find someone you is able to do so. Audiences should be excited and comfortable at your fashion show. The host can be a local comedian, radio personality or actor.

Find extra help
Fashion shows require many staff members for efficient execution. Be sure to sit down and determine how many people are needed to help you on the day of the event. You will need someone to assist the models backstage. Another person should be appointed to maintain a smooth rotation of models as they walk on and off of the stage. There should also be people selected to greet all guests and take orders if necessary.

Promote your show
Once all of the planning is in place, you must promote your fashion show. This should be done at least one month prior to the actual event. It will allow time to rehearse and set-up during the month. You can advertise your show on local radio stations, public access channels and through the news. Make sure to collaborate with local businesses that will help you post flyers around the town for all to see.

Web Designers And Their Role in a Successful Business Venture

Everyone is going tech-savvy and even housewives today, surf the Internet for shopping. We are just one click away from any information, products and services, latest trends, buzz, history or be it anything. World Wide Web is claiming its presence all over the world, and people are demanding their virtual presence to be able to incur profits. Gone are the days when brick-and-mortar system was the sole benefactor, now a good virtual presence gives a wide exposure and hence, expansion to the business worldwide.
And here, comes the role of websites and thereof, the need of web designers. You must have heard that “First Impression Is the Last Impression,” and a website does it all for you. A web designer plays a vital role in the final outcome of any business. Web designers are the one who put a visual representation of your business and these designs, thereof, plays a crucial role in the online business.

A website has the potential to reach out to the millions of target audience at a single time. It acts as a mirror to your business. Potential customers look out for the look of a Canadian web hosting design, the time it takes to load upon, easy navigation from one page to another, the content- is it informative and useful, and a space for one’s eyes to rest upon. If your web designer creates a websites that fulfills each and every requirement mentioned, your website ought to create a strong presence over the Internet and you would be able to bait potential quality customer to your site.

It is an undenying fact that a website is kind of a virtual brochure to your business, so it ought to be informative and customer-oriented. Your quality and potential customers help you generate revenues and incur profits. They create websites that are user-friendly, and highly informative. Every piece of information must be fully exposed in front of the visitors and they ought to be given a chance so that they are able to interact, so as to establish a relationship between your business and the website.

In a nut shell, you ought to have a firm opinion about the web designing and web development services you choose because ultimately you are going to bear the fruits, not others. The market is flooded with such services and therefore, it becomes important to chose the best considering all the points to a good web design in mind.

By Pixel Crayons

What is a CMS? Exploring Content Management Systems


Content Management Systems (to know more about this, check this link:  asp .net cms) are getting a lot of attention lately – and for good reason. Content management systems are used to power many Web sites today. Google CMS or Content Management System and you will find thousands of results.
What is a Content Management System

What is a content management system? A content management system (CMS) is simply a script (or more often a set of scripts) that runs on your web server to manage the content of your site. A CMS can range from a small, very basic script to a large, very complex program that performs more functions than most users will ever need or want.

A CMS may produce a blog-style site or a traditional-style site. Strictly speaking, blog software is not a CMS; however, the lines are blurring on this distinction. Blog software often doubles as a CMS and CMS software often integrates blog functions.

Regardless of the style of site the CMS produces there are several key characteristics of CMS programs. (Note that these characteristics are general distinctions. Some CMS programs may have all of these characteristics while others may not.)
Separation of design and content Dynamic generation of pages Usually uses a database to store content Allow multiple users or authors to contribute to a site Use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor so writers do not need to know HTML Allow users to easily update the site Provide automatic syndication (RSS or Atom) Advantages of Using a CMS
There are many advantages with using a CMS to manage your website. Some of the advantages of using a CMS include:
Updating Content – A CMS makes it easy to update content through a WYSIWYG interface. Changing Layout – A CMS makes it easy to change the layout of the entire site through the use of templates or themes. HTML Not Required – Writers who do not know HTML / XHTML can still easily contribute to the site. Multiple Contributors – Multiple user accounts allow several people to share the work load for managing the site. Menus – Automatic generation of menu links saves time with frequently updated sites. Comments – Integrated commenting or social media functions are included with most CMS programs. Syndication – Automatic RSS feed generation is a standard component of most CMS systems. Planning Ahead – Many CMS programs allow for future publication. The post-date option allows content to be added now but marked for future publication. Disadvantages of Using a CMS
Despite the advantages of using a content management system for your site there are also some disadvantages or drawbacks. Some of these disadvantages include:
Size – Most content management systems are from 2 – 20 MB is size. This can be an issue if you have limited disc space. This is a significant issue if you do not have SSH access to your server (most shared hosting plans do not offer this). FTPing 10 – 20 MB is not a fun project. You can almost guarantee one or more files will be corrupted during the upload process – and good luck figuring out which file is corrupted. Server Load – Content management systems typically generate pages dynamically as they are needed. This means that much more processor time is required for each page to be created than if the web server were to deliver static HTML pages. Security – Obviously some CMS systems have a better track record than others. However, the forums for every CMS system are full of questions about security problems. Some users find their site has been hacked or compromised because of security problems with the CMS system itself; other users find that their site was compromised because of mistakes on their part. Even large, corporate sites have been hacked. Unfortunately, providing users online access to the back-end of the website carries certain security risks and increases the risk of being hacked. Updates – All CMS systems are updated periodically. Some updates are scheduled improvements for new features while others are security updates. This means that you will need to regularly update the back-end to your website. This will involve backing up the data and installing new files. This can quickly become onerous if the updates are frequent and/or if you need to FTP the new files to your server.
Is a CMS the Right Solution
The question of whether a CMS is the right solution for your site can only be answered by you. If your site is small and does not need to be changed too often you are probably best using a static site. The static site is easier to understand and troubleshoot. A static site will also consume considerably less disc space, server time and bandwidth. However, if your site needs to be updated frequently, will contain many articles, or needs to be updated by several people then a CMS will probably be your best option.

Grandma, Don’t Make Me Go Back to Day Care

Ryan, my five year old grandson was a very smart little boy. He stayed inside the lines when coloring a picture. He was one of the top students in his kindergarten class. He just couldn’t get the hang of tying his shoes. He walked at 10 months old. When he was one years old, people were amazed by his vocabulary. Why is it so hard for him to learn how to tie his shoes, I wondered, as I tried to show him how it’s done? I looked up and immediately realized his mind was someplace else.
“Ryan, are you paying attention?”
“What did you just learn about tying your shoes?”
“You said to loop something and take it under something else.”
“Okay, Ryan, we’ll try this again tomorrow. I have to get you off to day care.”
“Grandma, I told my mom that I never want to go back to day care.”
“But, why, you’ve always liked going to day care.”
“Not any more. I hate day care and I don’t won’t to go back. You can’t make me; I won’t get out of the car.”
“Okay, Ryan, let’s talk about this.”

So, Ryan and I sat down to discuss why he didn’t want to return to day care and why the sudden change. He always loved day care like Teddy Kids Kinderdagverblijf.

I explained to Ryan that if he could give me a really good reason; that I would not take him to day care. I would call his mom and tell her that he is with me for the day.

Ryan proceeded to tell me a story about this second grader; a new comer to his day care. He only referred to this kid as a second grader. I asked did this second grader have a name. Ryan said I don’t know; it’s just a second grader that always bothers me and bosses me around. I asked what the second grader does.

Ryan quickly answered, ” Everything, that second grader stands over me while I’m doing my home work or playing a game.”

“And grandma”, he added that second grader leans on my shoulder and pulls my hair and plays with my curls. That’s why I told mom to cut my hair short, short, short.”
“Did you ask the second grader not to lean on your shoulder or bother you?”
“Grandma that kid don’t listen to me”

Ryan went on to tell me that when they go out to play he tries to hide from the second grader, but, that second grader always finds him. He said one day he walked really fast in front of all the kids. Ryan said he found a safe spot and dropped down. Ryan said he was so tired because he was walking so fast, he was almost running.
He added, “Grandma, a voice said hello, Ryan.”
Ryan said he looked around and there was that second grader.
He added “everywhere I go that second grader is there bothering me.
Now can I stay with you?”
“Did you talk to the grown ups at day care about the second grader?”
“No, because, they always see that kid bothering me, they don’t do nothing.”
“Have you talked to your mom about the second grader?”
“Yeah, but she didn’t do nothing;”
” Ryan, why don’t I talk to the grown ups at your day care and tell them how you feel about this second grader”
“Okay, but after you talk to them, don’t make me go back to day care.”

It was now too late to take Ryan to day care. He only spent one hour in day care before school. In the mornings, they walked the kids across the field to school and picked them up after school and took them back to day care. I explained to Ryan that I would be taking him directly to school; but after school the day care people would pick him up. And as soon as I got back from my doctor’s appointment; I would be there to talk to the staff and pick him up early. Ryan, did tell me that the kid didn’t go to his school.

Ryan would only refer to this child as the second grader or kid. So I asked, again, if he could tell me the name of the second grader. Again, he said it’s just a second grader. I realized I was not going to get a name out of Ryan. So, I walked him to school. I thought it was strange that his mother or the adults who worked at the day care didn’t look into this, or at least kept the two apart.

After my annual doctor’s appointment; I went directly to the day care, I promised Ryan that I would be there as soon as I could, after three o’clock. Ryan knew how to tell time, so you didn’t keep him waiting when you promised to be there early.

As soon as I walked through the day care door, I saw Ryan sitting at the table with an open book. He didn’t seem to be reading. He had this boring look on his face. There was the second grader he complained about, leaning on his shoulders and playing with the curls on top of his head. He had never been so happy to see me. He looked up and happily exclaimed, “Grandma!” He got up and started walking toward the cupboards to get his belongings. The second grader rushed ahead of him and got Ryan’s backpack and handed it to him.

The second grader was a pretty little girl with beautiful light brown, curly, hair. Ryan asked me to tie his shoes, the cute little girl rushed over to Ryan and tied his shoes while he looked bored and rolled his big eyes around.
The cute, little, girl looked at me with a beautiful smile and said hello, Ryan’s grandma, I’m Ryan’s best friend.

On the way home Ryan said grandma, you didn’t talk to the people about that second grader. I said, that’s because I wanted to talk to you first. I explained to Ryan that the second grader just wanted to be his friend. I told him that I bet if he stopped ignoring her and tried being her friend that she probably won’t bother him as much. I explained to Ryan that this little girl was trying to get his attention because she wanted to be friends.
I said,” I’ll bet if you stopped ignoring her and be a little friendly, she wouldn’t be such a pest.” I told him it would be a good start to learn her name.

Ryan, reluctantly, agreed to give it a try for three days. But he said , “grandma, she has to play with my toys”, Ryan said “I’m not playing with any dolls; that second grader asked me to play dolls with her.” I said, okay, “Tell her you don’t like dolls. Maybe, you can find a game boys and girls like to play.”

I didn’t have to baby sit Ryan for a couple of weeks. My daughter told me that he was doing better at day care. One day she was late getting home from work. I had to pick Ryan up from day care. I heard his laughter as I walked through the door. Ryan and the little girl he always referred to as a second was sitting side by side at the table laughing and playing. He did tell me her name, but, I forgot it. That was three years ago Ryan is now eight years old.

Product Review: M-Audio Studiophile AV 30 Compact Desktop Speaker System


\The M-Audio Studiophile AV 30 Compact Desktop Speaker System is a 2.0 powered speaker set with  immersive sound that includes a built in amplifier and bass woofer in each speaker with the twist of having all the connections and controls on the left speaker.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look amp; Feel: 23/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 91/100

With computer speakers easily costing over a hundred dollars you can easily see how people can get excited over some great sounding computer speakers for under that triple digit mark. Topping out at just under $100, $89.99 from currently, the M-Audio Studiophile AV 30 is a great sounding speaker set that does put personal sound at your desktop.

M-Audio specializes in all kinds of audio products including monitors(speakers to us non-audiophiles), microphones, keyboards and music related software. The company is well known for its professional quality audio products both in the studio and on stage as well as in the home.

The M-Audio Studiophile line of personal home speakers in the Reference Speaker Systems includes several systems of varying price to satisfy many music fans. The AV 30 is a pair of speakers with built in subwoofers on each speaker that are magnetically shielded and in a tough fiberboard case.

The one difference you notice right out of the box is the left speaker has the main connections and controls with the right speaker only having the connections to the main speaker. The M-Audio AV 30 system comes with the two speakers, a tinned 6 1/2 foot speaker wire, a 1/8 inch stereo to RCA cable, a 1/8 to 1/8 inch stereo cable, power cord, 2 acoustic adhesive pads and a manual.

Setting up your AV 30 speakers is quite easy even without the manual, connect the right speaker with the included speaker wire and plug the unit in using the power cord. Your input goes to the rear RCA connections using either the included cables or your own RCA cables and turn the system on using the rear power button.

The two adhesive pads are for vibration reduction of each speaker and simply stick to the bottom of each speaker creating a nice padded surface for your speakers. The six feet of tinned speaker wire should be plenty for placing the speakers but if you need more you can simply hit a local entertainment department or Radio Shack and purchase a roll.

You can use the speaker system right out of the box with the supplied parts for most applications and the rear of the unit also has the Bass Boost on/off button. Bass Boost is a feature that is nice but you can decide for yourself if you want it according to your personal choice and particular setup.

I am currently trying the system without Bass Boost on my television and enjoy that a little more than having it on for most of the movies I watch. I recently purchased a new 32 inch Vizio television and am using the M-Audio AV 30 as the main speakers without the internal speakers of the television.

The M-Audio works exceptionally well as a medium sized room speaker system for my home entertainment as well as a desktop speaker system for my computer. I have tried various setups and found that the M-Audio speakers are the best setup for my television viewing and will keep them there for now.

The Vizio HDTV and the M-Audio speaker system plays well together with the television being able to control the volume of the speaker set using the remote for the TV. I have tried a few different setups with the new TV and the various speaker systems I have and find that the M-Audio speakers have the best full sound and bass that movies and television require.

The wide variety of audio from standard DVD movies, Blu-ray movies and regular television viewing with the variety of music, voice and effects are all handled well by the Studiophile AV 30 system. Blu-ray movies are especially good on the smaller speaker system and even not having surround sound works pretty well with the full range of the AV 30 speakers.

Using the speakers with the bass boost adds a bit more depth and beat to the bass but for some movies I found that it gets to be a bit too much so I am trying the system with it off for awhile. I have also used the AV 30 in my home office during regular gaming sessions and watching Blu-ray and regular movies which was great for all of them.

I did not have any problems using the AV 30 system and both music and gaming was fantastic even though the system is not surround sound. Gaming was equally as good as music with my current favorite Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with great sounding effects and nice deep bass.

The system does bass as well as higher notes well without any problems and for a system under $100 you could not get much better. This is the best system I have heard from several companies in the price range and I would easily recommend this as a desktop PC speaker system or for a home entertainment system for general television and movie viewing.

As I said earlier I will be using the M-Audio AV 30 system for my television and general movie enjoyment until something comes along in my reviewing that is better but it will probably be something that costs more. The M Audio AV 30 sounds much better than a system that costs what it does and I do highly recommend this if you’re in the market for either a home entertainment or PC speaker system using just two speakers.

How to Survive the First 90 Days of Your New Job

After a painful application process and three rounds of interviews, you’ve finally been selected as The One for your dream company. Congratulations! The first 90 days of any job are a time of major adjustment, learning and adaptation, but also the most critical for your future. You’ll need both courage and a positive attitude to make it through the rough spots, and these three months are essential for creating a strong foundation for your future with the company. Whether you’re jumping into an entry-level sales position, taking on a teaching role, or now get to be the boss of fellow employees at your organization, here’s how to survive the first ninety days of your new job:

Survive the First 90 Days By Always Being Early
You need to set some high standards-and stick with them—when you first start out, and being punctual for meetings, events, and even just starting your day is one of the best ways to make a lasting impression. Being on time shows respect for your coworkers, the boss, and also yourself; plan to get to your destination at least 10-15 minutes ahead of schedule whenever possible.

Survive the First 90 Days by Asking for Help
Even if you were a superstar at your former job, you’re on different turf and may need directions. Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor for clarification about a confusing assignment, and make sure you know where to go for help with specific projects and requests. Even when you think you know everything there is to know about that laser printer, stop and ask for help from the tech department if needed.

Survive the First 90 Days by Absorbing the Company’s Culture
Simple things such as communication style, general attitudes, and the daily goals of the organization are signs of the corporate culture. You’ll need to adapt your work style to fit the agenda of your boss, supervisors, and coworkers so take the time to learn what works-and what doesn’t-by buddying up with a veteran or simply asking.

Survive the First 90 Days by Being Flexible with Your Schedule
Schedule changes and expectations can change frequently during your 90-day trial period, so be prepared to make adjustments accordingly. Just make sure you have as much of your position in writing to avoid miscommunication problems. Keeping a flexible schedule means you can account for last-minute meetings, overtime if it’s required, and taking on special projects as assigned. Most  hospitality jobs have this benefits and other related industries too.

Survive the First 90 Days by Asking for a Review After 30 Days
Most employers will give you a formal 90-day review to see if you fulfilled your objectives and whether this position will be a suitable match. You’ll get a strong sense of whether this job is good for you within the first few weeks, but it can be tremendously helpful to get your supervisor’s perspective after the first thirty days. This doesn’t have to be a formal review, but will simply be a meeting to make sure you are on the right track.

Survive the First 90 Days by Keeping Track of Your Workload
This is a great time management technique, but will also help you keep log your accomplishments and projects. You can track your work using a simple Excel spreadsheet, or simply create a journal with key points covered each day. This is also helpful when you sit down with your supervisor for the 90-day review where you’ll both have a clear understanding of what was accomplished—and what wasn’t.

Survive the First 90 Days By Losing the Attitude
No matter how things were done at your old place, this is fresh new territory and you need to show respect for the company’s culture, norms, and taboos. Leaving your ego at the door is one of the best ways to adapt to the ways and mores of the new company, and you’ll be much more likely to make friends along the way. Take the time to listen, interact with different groups, and just put parts of your personality aside for a while.

Making it through the first 90 days of a job can be stressful, but there are ways to get through the challenges with ease. When you’re committed to growing and learning, the entire process will be much easier; just keep an open mind and keep track of your progress for a simple and smooth transition!

Christian Web Design & Hosting


A surprisingly numbers of Christian web design amp; hosting have sprung up recently. If you are looking for web design amp; hosting service for your local church or Christian store there are a few things you should pay attention to. These will save you a lot of money later on from choosing the wrong hosting service.
1. How Long The Company Has Been In Business

The longer the company generally is better; new company may not have an experience to handle specific issue that you will encounter later on. Do they have proper technical assistant, in case your website crash during the high traffic hour? You can find about how long the company has been in business generally at about us page, if you don’t find this information you should be a little suspicious.

2. Ask Fellow Member

Ask fellow members of your church about their experience with particular hosting company. What is the strong point and weak point? This way you can have clear expectation what the company will offer to you.

3. 2 In 1

A lot of good Christian web design amp; hosting I know have some kind of all in one package. If you host your website at that company, you will get discounted price for the specialized design. This can save a lot of money since web design is not cheap depending on the complexity of your website.

4. What Kind Of Features They Have

Do you need specific database, PHP, MySql or any other website features? You should check if the hosting company has this kind of features right from the beginning. As the visitor of your website growing you may need to upgrade your server capacity or need more features to make your website easier to use and more attractive. Seek the help of web development companies for better results!

Saving on Prescription Medicine: Little Things Really Add Up


Saving on prescription medicines can really help save money. Aside from low cost generics with a 3 month supply for as low as $9.99 at my local Shopright to Walmart which also has low $4 generics, you can also go to Sam’s Club or Costco and save more on brand name drugs which could add up. You don’t have to be a member to use these services. You can call your local pharmacies in your supermarket and warehouse clubs in order to determine the best price.
Also when you do buy medicine, try to get a three month supply to save on the co pay. This can mean one co pay for three months worth of medicine. Sometimes, you can ask your pharmacist directly, or ask your doctor to write out the script.

Sometimes, doctors give free samples which can help a lot for certain problems. Also, you might want to try alternative medicines. Either another type of medicine or a more holistic approach can help you save money. Consumer Reports has research available to alternatives for regularly prescribed medicines and skin care products like vitamin c serum.

You can go online and get a PDF for download.

Also The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs. By James Rybacki, Pharm. D. is an excellent resource for researching treatments. It has been used for over twenty five years to provide information about medicines. It gives a wealth of information about the use of medicines.

Also ask your doctor to double the strength of your prescription so you can cut it in half. Some pills are safe to do this. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if this is ok. You could halve your prescription costs.

Some people suggest you can use expired drugs. That they only lose a little of their potency after years. This might shock you. But a clinic in New Guinea regularly saves lives with expired drugs.

Some people even buy their medicine in Canada. You have to know your costs. But it could save them. There might be some unscrupulous drug companies who do business. But you have to decide what is best for your health.

These are all good ways to help you afford your medicine. Also getting healthy is a good idea too. Make sure to eat properly for your needs and to research your diseases and work on doing what it takes to eat nutritious foods so you can have a long life free of disease.

Like my mother

Ever since I can remember, I’ve never wanted to have kids. The idea of pregnancy just makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to be constrained in the idea that women are supposed to have kids. I’m okay with other people being pregnant but not me.

I just know that I won’t be able to handle having kids of my own. Having kids is a big responsibility, and it is a responsibility I know I can’t handle. I’m already bad with kids as it is. I can’t even take care of my own niece; what more if it is my child? I just know what I’m capable of and being a mother is not one of them. I can’t be the ideal mother I imagine. There is also the fact that I’m not yet completely sure what would my future entail.

I would rather focus more on my career and find a stable job. I’m just starting my life; I just graduated. I want to enjoy my life more. I’m happy with just being a good leader like my mother who is a tech geek. Well, I am very proud of her. She even taught me last weekend about access point test which I never knew and I decdied I wanted to be like her in the future.

Summer and surfing



This girl Sofia, a good friend of mine, can ‘take the heat over cold any day,’ is a lover of being under the sun.

And by being under its scorching heat, her favorite activity is none other than going to the beach and catching waves. She says that the biggest reason why she, and husband love to surf so much is because of its lifestyle. And that’s what they want to share to people.

“It’s the surf culture. It’s not just a sports. It’s not just about hanging loose. There is a big part of the culture you just have to experience it yourself,” she says citing some best surfing getaways .

She added, “When you’re on the water, and you catch a wave, it’s a very fleeting moment, you know, you’re removed from technology, from emails, from deadlines. It’s just a beautiful place to breathe in, relax, and recharge.” She adds that this was far from her previous job where she is in front of the computer lookinh at site for gadget reviews R-Tech24 among others. But this doesn’t mean that Sofie cannot stand lazying around the house. When at home, she who has a penchant for the creative side, would like to exercise what she learned from studying interior architecture in Australia.  “I’m such a lola. Like I just love to wake up in the morning and then fix the house, look for inspiration and for interiors,” She relays, stressing that they are currently renovating their house to make it more of a home as she starts a family with her husband. She recognizes the attention of being a celebrity’s better half but she makes sure that who she is will never be hidden in her husband’s shadows.

“The person you marry does not determine who you are as a woman, and I feel the same way about us. Echo feels the same way as well. I have my own direction, my own dreams, my own desires, he has his. And we have ours as a couple but it’s important that you maintain your individualities,” she says.

This woman knows well her path. She aims not to settle to where and what she is right now. Positive changes and further learning are her companion in living a full life of endless possibilities.

“I always want to try something and I always want to do things that scare me. Sometimes, they work sometimes they don’t.”

In the end, Kim knows where she is heading.

“I had so many jobs, mini adventures before I got to where I am now. And I would love it to serve as a reminder that each girl has their own purpose and whatever it is the desire that they have to pursue what they want to pursue is there for a reason and to follow it.”

Kim Jones has gone a long way since she poured out her heart and soul to finding her own path –from that small town girl in Australia to being one of the best fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the country.

Her story is an inspiring one to modern Filipinas who are in the phase of chasing dreams and wanting to find their passion.

Hers is a story of believing and finally finding love, all because she has a purpose.

And from there, she believed.