Voice Acting 101

I am a voice actor. I sometimes dub series as a freelancer and it help me grow my income. But one thing is required to make the cut, you must do this with so much passion and not just to make money.

Here’s how you can prepare if you want to audition as a voice actor:

  • Drink lots and lots of water everday. It will help you have a healthy voice
  • Seek medical treatment when you feel something is wrong with your sinuses.
  • have breathing exercises– cardio like swimming and jogging
  • Have voice exercises everday

I had an experience about voice acting. I am sharing with you an info about this in this infographic:

I have yet to create a business website showcasing my voice acting skills but I am thinking of making one as I need to present that to future partners and clients. Do you know someone who can build a website for me? Please refer! Thanks!

Cooler for Survival

I need to buy my husband the perfect gift and I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should just go to Survival Cooking and look at the best reviews and buy him a great cooler or something, or if I should do something that it’s a little more personal and different than what I usually do.

It would be super common and safe for me to just get him a tent or a cooler or something like that. He loves that stuff. He loves camping. However, whenever I do that, I wonder if he would have preferred a different brand or a different product, and I don’t want to just get him a gift card or something. I want to give something that is truly from me to him. Do you know what I mean?

I think that that is the most beautiful thing about giving a gift and I hate when I don’t know how to do it properly. So I think I’m going to do it, I just don’t know with what. I’ve been thinking about a watch. My husband used to have this amazing watch that he loved, and when it broke he never replaced it. I was looking at some of the best watches under 500, and I saw one that looked just like it. He’s not the type of man that would ever ask for something like a watch, that’s for sure, but I do think that it would be a meaningful gift for exactly that reason. Sometimes people don’t know what they really want, or they are afraid to ask for it. I think that this would be a good idea for my husband, no buying him a fashion accessory for a macho man like him is quite risky indeed. Also, this just struck n my mind now. What if aside from these, I also suprise him with a visit to showroom of Coal Harbour condos? We have been eyeing to buy one before. But, okay, that’s another story.

Wish me luck!

About Unu Motors

Unu Motors is a company in The Netherlands which provides high-quality and excellent electric scooters in the place. Their electric scooters, or what they usually call as their elektrische scooter, is slowly being a big hit to millenials, young professionals, family members, and other employees who go from one place to another.

Unu Motors boasts of its product which has an array of advantages not only for the user or the customer, but to the whole environment and community as well.

Want to know the reasons? Unu Motors’ electric scooter are powered by electricity 100 percent. Meaning to say, this vehicles do not contribute to air pollution which is slowly killing our earth. This electric based vehicles comes with a portable battery. When it is low battery, just find an outlet suited for it and charge it for hours. The battery can actually last up to three days straight within city driving.

Aside from that, Unu Motors do not create noises which makes the road really annoying. It runs in silence. It also has a system built in its engine where when you brake, the energy is fed up back again in the battery, saving more power for longer use.

For more details about Unu Motors and its product, check out their website.