How to Put on Your Own Fashion Show


Collect clothing
Clothes are the most important aspect of a fashion show. Be sure to choose your best designs. These designs will represent what you have to offer to consumers and retail outlets in any given region. The amount of clothing that you choose will depend on what is available and how long your fashion show will be. Try to have at least 50 pieces of clothing to showcase.
Decide on a Budget
You must decide on what you are able to spend for your fashion show. This will determine your operating budget. Fashion shows can be organized on both small and large budgets. If you are running low on funds, it is best to determine what the most important areas of the event are. The budget should be focused on these areas.

There are lots of people who will be willing to volunteer services and goods for your fashion show. You can also get family and friends to help. Another great option would be to spit your fashion show with another designer. This can be done by searching for artists and designers who may want to showcase their clothing or jewelry in front of a wide audience. You can also offer sponsorship packages for the fashion show to small businesses in your area.

Determine your goal
One of the most important things will be to determine what your end goal is for organizing a fashion show. This will help you to make sure that you do not waste any time focusing on unnecessary tasks. Your goals may include exposure or sales. In many cases, designers want to obtain both things. Fashion shows are a great way to introduce your designs to the public. It is possible to make lots of direct sales at this kind of event.

Make an invitation list
Invitation lists are vital if you are seeking exposure for your designs. Some fashion shows have an admission price for public attendance. Other events may be held as private affairs. Your goals will help to decide on whom to place on your invitation list. Magazine editors and news reporters are great people to invite to your fashion show. You can give out nice wooden dinnerware sets for them too!

They are in a position to provide lots of exposure for both the event and the designs. If you would like to sale your designs in bulk, it is important to invite many people who are in charge of purchasing merchandise for retail stores. You can also make your fashion show available to the public. This will enable you to make individual sales right on the spot. Shoppers will also help to spread the word about your designs.

Choose a location
The location of your fashion show will depend on how many people will be in attendance. Fashion shows can be held at various places including banquet halls, schools and galleries. If your event is being held in the summer, it may be possible to organize your fashion show to take place on a local beach or cruise ship. You can also try to collaborate with other local events. When it comes to finding locations for a fashion show, the possibilities are endless.

Arrange a theme
Many fashion shows operate around a central theme. While you may not have the resources to create fireworks and extravagant lighting designs, themes are important. Be sure to put together a CD with the right music for your fashion show. If you are showcasing wedding dresses, you may want to use soft music as opposed to Justin Timberlake’s latest pop music hit. Decorations will also add a nice touch to the atmosphere for your fashion show.

Find Models
Your designs will look their best when showcased properly. That is why it is vital to have good models for your fashion show. Models can be located through agencies and online. If you are not able to pay expensive fees, try to find models without representation. It is important to hold rehearsals with your models prior to the fashion show.

Select a Host
All fashion shows need a good host to introduce the show and present descriptions of each design. You can do this yourself to cut costs and preparation time. However, if you are not comfortable talking in front of an audience, find someone you is able to do so. Audiences should be excited and comfortable at your fashion show. The host can be a local comedian, radio personality or actor.

Find extra help
Fashion shows require many staff members for efficient execution. Be sure to sit down and determine how many people are needed to help you on the day of the event. You will need someone to assist the models backstage. Another person should be appointed to maintain a smooth rotation of models as they walk on and off of the stage. There should also be people selected to greet all guests and take orders if necessary.

Promote your show
Once all of the planning is in place, you must promote your fashion show. This should be done at least one month prior to the actual event. It will allow time to rehearse and set-up during the month. You can advertise your show on local radio stations, public access channels and through the news. Make sure to collaborate with local businesses that will help you post flyers around the town for all to see.

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