Creating Beauty & Skincare Holiday Gift Baskets for Women


The very best gifts you can give someone, especially the busy modern woman, are gifts that they will use every day no matter what. When thinking about today’s average woman, it becomes obvious what the most treasured, necessary, and useful gift is during the holidays – beauty products! Whether it’s cosmetics, skincare products, or bath and shower goodies, all women can benefit from the world of budget beauty care. Here are some top notch ideas for saving some cash this holiday season, while also pampering the ladies in your life with all the luxuries natural beauty care has to offer.
The Bath amp; Shower Basket

This might be the most cost effective way to make a wonderful collection of holiday gifts for the modern girl of any age. With just a few jars, decorative ribbons, and some good bath salt recipes (As found here, here, here, and here), you can make cute little packages of bath salts to add to a basket of your choice. And that’s just step one! You can also make your own bubble bath, too! Also, you could toss in a loofah and sea sponge with some decoratively placed peppermint candies to create an adorable and irresistible setup that will bring that festive holiday cheer to the face of any female giftee.

The Jolly Java Gift Basket

Around the holidays, coffee can be an even more vital part of your every day routine. It’s a great addition to the beauty and skincare gift basket line up too. Many coffee, mocha, vanilla and chocolate flavored and scented goodies are available in the cosmetics department of many drugstores and department stores. You can pick up some yummy coffee flavored lip gloss, even cosmetics just in the soft brown and beige colors of the world’s favorite caffeinated beverage! You can make your own coffee body scrub at home with a recipe found here, or you could of course buy coffee related and scented bath and shower products at your favorite store. Of course, don’t forget to add a bag of fresh whole or ground coffee beans and some truffles to make this basket of java related goodies a complete success!

The Bath Time Aromatherapy Basket

Nothing is quite as appealing to a hard working modern woman than a relaxing, sweet smelling bubble bath that leaves your skin soft and smooth and your mind calm and collected. You can accompany a few sweetly scented votive candles with similarly scented or themed bath and shower products. You can try mixing bubble bath with shower gel, powders, or bath salts, and you could even add a bar or two of organic vegetable soap to get that naturally smooth and clean feeling for your skin.

The Manicure amp; Pedicure Holiday Basket

Every woman loves to have her hands and feet looking their best. What’s better then a handshake that makes you confident, and a sexy strut in your open toed shoes? It’s very easy to save money on this one by throwing some products in that can help keep your hands and feet smooth, soft, and healthy. You can also add the other essentials, like nail polish remover, a few small colorful bottles of nail polish, base coat and top coat nail paint, and maybe even some of those cute foam toe separators! Of course, throw in some new nail files, cotton balls, and clippers. For the woman that’s particularly self-manicure savvy, try adding some nail rhinestones and other nail art tools to the mix! I suggest you also get some¬†¬†dermaroller amazon.

The Tea Time Gift Basket

Overlooked but never underestimated, the power of tea for your skin has been known widely for centuries. Adding the many useful benefits of tea to your holiday gifts is ALWAYS a good idea. You can start off with the obvious – perhaps an interesting variety of flavored or rare teabags, maybe even some tins of loose leaf tea. You can put together some products of your own in pretty ribboned jars like bath salts and bubble bath made with all natural green tea, or perhaps head down to your local store to buy some neat tea-related bath and shower products. (There are a ton to choose from, and many of them are very affordable!) There are also inexpensive tea themed shampoos and conditioners that come in holiday travel sizes. Add a few of those to the basket too!

The Christmas Cookie amp; Cosmetics Gift Basket

A favorite part of any family’s holiday tradition is usually eating lots and lots of delicious holiday cookies. The smell of cookies is a common scent in houses around the holidays, and can even be a great idea any time of year. I mean, who doesn’t love cookies all the time, right? Obviously, using cookies as a theme for a tasty and helpful gift basket will make your gift rather well received by whoever is lucky enough to be receiving it. Stick a couple big, soft, wrapped sugar cookies in front of the basket, and fill it with cookie related goodies! You can toss in a few Christmas Cookie scented candles, and of course you can find affordable lip gloss and body lotion with the same favorite holiday scent.

Most of the things I described in this article can be found at any drug store, department store, and even the dollar stores in your area! When the gifts for your special ladies need to be frugal as well as fantastic, beauty items are always the best way to go!

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