Wilderness Backpacking: Keeping Your Pack Light


Don’t carry what you don’t need.
A light pack makes a hard uphill trek a little easier. You’d be surprised how much you can lighten up your load by reassessing what you pack.

Layered Clothing – The key to keeping your pack light is hidden in the weave of your clothes. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need more than one outfit in the wilderness. You certainly aren’t going to impress anyone on the trail by having a daytime and an evening look. Two conditions you need to consider are temperature and moisture levels. One pair of pants is more than sufficient if they are convertible to shorts for hotter climates. Consider how cold it gets at night and plan appropriately. Two t-shirts, one long sleeve shirt, and a lightweight wool sweater should cover you for most situations. A lightweight water resistant jacket is a good idea even if it doesn’t look like rain. If you are carrying a camera, you can wrap your jacket around it for protection from collecting dew or knocking around in your pack. A great selection of backpacking clothes can be found at Back Country Gear Ltd. online.
Cookware- Pots and pans are largely a necessity if you want to eat something besides granola and meal bars. Pots and pans sound like a burden, but they don’t have to be. I highly recommend making the investment in lightweight high quality camp cookware. MSR has a wonderful lightweight nesting cook set that includes a 1.5- and 2-liter pots, fry pan, fitted lid, pot lifter, PackTowl, and mesh stuff sack. The pots do not have attached handles to cut down on weight and size. Instead, the single pot lifter attaches to any of the pots for easy removal from heat. The set weighs only 1 pound 10oz. and is easily carried in it’s mesh bag on a carabiner on the outside of your pack. It’s available from REI online!

Tentage- Finding the right tent is a balance between size, weight, and price. Your best bet is to go to an outdoor store and talk with a sales associate about your specific needs for shelter. Here’s some questions you should be thinking about when you plan to purchase a tent: What seasons will I be using this tent in? If you plan only to back pack in the summer, you might consider a more primitive shelter without walls. If you want to expand your adventuring options, you should probably consider a three season tent. How many people are you planning to shelter? Tents are generally rated by the number of people they hold. These range from the 1 person Microzoid by MSR for the solo adventurer to the 15 person Space Station from Mountain Hardware. How much weight are you willing to carry? Back Country Gear has a great tent comparison chart online. It lists a tent’s person capacity, weight, floor space, interior height, number of poles, price and manufacturer.

Deciding what to pack can effect your whole trip. Take your time and think through what you really need to take with you, and what you can leave behind. For further advice, I recommend talking to the helpful staff at any REI or Erehwon store.

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Web Designers And Their Role in a Successful Business Venture

Everyone is going tech-savvy and even housewives today, surf the Internet for shopping. We are just one click away from any information, products and services, latest trends, buzz, history or be it anything. World Wide Web is claiming its presence all over the world, and people are demanding their virtual presence to be able to incur profits. Gone are the days when brick-and-mortar system was the sole benefactor, now a good virtual presence gives a wide exposure and hence, expansion to the business worldwide.
And here, comes the role of websites and thereof, the need of web designers. You must have heard that “First Impression Is the Last Impression,” and a website does it all for you. A web designer plays a vital role in the final outcome of any business. Web designers are the one who put a visual representation of your business and these designs, thereof, plays a crucial role in the online business.

A website has the potential to reach out to the millions of target audience at a single time. It acts as a mirror to your business. Potential customers look out for the look of a Canadian web hosting design, the time it takes to load upon, easy navigation from one page to another, the content- is it informative and useful, and a space for one’s eyes to rest upon. If your web designer creates a websites that fulfills each and every requirement mentioned, your website ought to create a strong presence over the Internet and you would be able to bait potential quality customer to your site.

It is an undenying fact that a website is kind of a virtual brochure to your business, so it ought to be informative and customer-oriented. Your quality and potential customers help you generate revenues and incur profits. They create websites that are user-friendly, and highly informative. Every piece of information must be fully exposed in front of the visitors and they ought to be given a chance so that they are able to interact, so as to establish a relationship between your business and the website.

In a nut shell, you ought to have a firm opinion about the web designing and web development services you choose because ultimately you are going to bear the fruits, not others. The market is flooded with such services and therefore, it becomes important to chose the best considering all the points to a good web design in mind.

By Pixel Crayons

How to Put on Your Own Fashion Show


Collect clothing
Clothes are the most important aspect of a fashion show. Be sure to choose your best designs. These designs will represent what you have to offer to consumers and retail outlets in any given region. The amount of clothing that you choose will depend on what is available and how long your fashion show will be. Try to have at least 50 pieces of clothing to showcase.
Decide on a Budget
You must decide on what you are able to spend for your fashion show. This will determine your operating budget. Fashion shows can be organized on both small and large budgets. If you are running low on funds, it is best to determine what the most important areas of the event are. The budget should be focused on these areas.

There are lots of people who will be willing to volunteer services and goods for your fashion show. You can also get family and friends to help. Another great option would be to spit your fashion show with another designer. This can be done by searching for artists and designers who may want to showcase their clothing or jewelry in front of a wide audience. You can also offer sponsorship packages for the fashion show to small businesses in your area.

Determine your goal
One of the most important things will be to determine what your end goal is for organizing a fashion show. This will help you to make sure that you do not waste any time focusing on unnecessary tasks. Your goals may include exposure or sales. In many cases, designers want to obtain both things. Fashion shows are a great way to introduce your designs to the public. It is possible to make lots of direct sales at this kind of event.

Make an invitation list
Invitation lists are vital if you are seeking exposure for your designs. Some fashion shows have an admission price for public attendance. Other events may be held as private affairs. Your goals will help to decide on whom to place on your invitation list. Magazine editors and news reporters are great people to invite to your fashion show. You can give out nice wooden dinnerware sets for them too!

They are in a position to provide lots of exposure for both the event and the designs. If you would like to sale your designs in bulk, it is important to invite many people who are in charge of purchasing merchandise for retail stores. You can also make your fashion show available to the public. This will enable you to make individual sales right on the spot. Shoppers will also help to spread the word about your designs.

Choose a location
The location of your fashion show will depend on how many people will be in attendance. Fashion shows can be held at various places including banquet halls, schools and galleries. If your event is being held in the summer, it may be possible to organize your fashion show to take place on a local beach or cruise ship. You can also try to collaborate with other local events. When it comes to finding locations for a fashion show, the possibilities are endless.

Arrange a theme
Many fashion shows operate around a central theme. While you may not have the resources to create fireworks and extravagant lighting designs, themes are important. Be sure to put together a CD with the right music for your fashion show. If you are showcasing wedding dresses, you may want to use soft music as opposed to Justin Timberlake’s latest pop music hit. Decorations will also add a nice touch to the atmosphere for your fashion show.

Find Models
Your designs will look their best when showcased properly. That is why it is vital to have good models for your fashion show. Models can be located through agencies and online. If you are not able to pay expensive fees, try to find models without representation. It is important to hold rehearsals with your models prior to the fashion show.

Select a Host
All fashion shows need a good host to introduce the show and present descriptions of each design. You can do this yourself to cut costs and preparation time. However, if you are not comfortable talking in front of an audience, find someone you is able to do so. Audiences should be excited and comfortable at your fashion show. The host can be a local comedian, radio personality or actor.

Find extra help
Fashion shows require many staff members for efficient execution. Be sure to sit down and determine how many people are needed to help you on the day of the event. You will need someone to assist the models backstage. Another person should be appointed to maintain a smooth rotation of models as they walk on and off of the stage. There should also be people selected to greet all guests and take orders if necessary.

Promote your show
Once all of the planning is in place, you must promote your fashion show. This should be done at least one month prior to the actual event. It will allow time to rehearse and set-up during the month. You can advertise your show on local radio stations, public access channels and through the news. Make sure to collaborate with local businesses that will help you post flyers around the town for all to see.