Saving on Prescription Medicine: Little Things Really Add Up


Saving on prescription medicines can really help save money. Aside from low cost generics with a 3 month supply for as low as $9.99 at my local Shopright to Walmart which also has low $4 generics, you can also go to Sam’s Club or Costco and save more on brand name drugs which could add up. You don’t have to be a member to use these services. You can call your local pharmacies in your supermarket and warehouse clubs in order to determine the best price.
Also when you do buy medicine, try to get a three month supply to save on the co pay. This can mean one co pay for three months worth of medicine. Sometimes, you can ask your pharmacist directly, or ask your doctor to write out the script.

Sometimes, doctors give free samples which can help a lot for certain problems. Also, you might want to try alternative medicines. Either another type of medicine or a more holistic approach can help you save money. Consumer Reports has research available to alternatives for regularly prescribed medicines and skin care products like vitamin c serum.

You can go online and get a PDF for download.

Also The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs. By James Rybacki, Pharm. D. is an excellent resource for researching treatments. It has been used for over twenty five years to provide information about medicines. It gives a wealth of information about the use of medicines.

Also ask your doctor to double the strength of your prescription so you can cut it in half. Some pills are safe to do this. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if this is ok. You could halve your prescription costs.

Some people suggest you can use expired drugs. That they only lose a little of their potency after years. This might shock you. But a clinic in New Guinea regularly saves lives with expired drugs.

Some people even buy their medicine in Canada. You have to know your costs. But it could save them. There might be some unscrupulous drug companies who do business. But you have to decide what is best for your health.

These are all good ways to help you afford your medicine. Also getting healthy is a good idea too. Make sure to eat properly for your needs and to research your diseases and work on doing what it takes to eat nutritious foods so you can have a long life free of disease.

Christian Web Design & Hosting


A surprisingly numbers of Christian web design amp; hosting have sprung up recently. If you are looking for web design amp; hosting service for your local church or Christian store there are a few things you should pay attention to. These will save you a lot of money later on from choosing the wrong hosting service.
1. How Long The Company Has Been In Business

The longer the company generally is better; new company may not have an experience to handle specific issue that you will encounter later on. Do they have proper technical assistant, in case your website crash during the high traffic hour? You can find about how long the company has been in business generally at about us page, if you don’t find this information you should be a little suspicious.

2. Ask Fellow Member

Ask fellow members of your church about their experience with particular hosting company. What is the strong point and weak point? This way you can have clear expectation what the company will offer to you.

3. 2 In 1

A lot of good Christian web design amp; hosting I know have some kind of all in one package. If you host your website at that company, you will get discounted price for the specialized design. This can save a lot of money since web design is not cheap depending on the complexity of your website.

4. What Kind Of Features They Have

Do you need specific database, PHP, MySql or any other website features? You should check if the hosting company has this kind of features right from the beginning. As the visitor of your website growing you may need to upgrade your server capacity or need more features to make your website easier to use and more attractive. Seek the help of web development companies for better results!