Christian Web Design & Hosting


A surprisingly numbers of Christian web design amp; hosting have sprung up recently. If you are looking for web design amp; hosting service for your local church or Christian store there are a few things you should pay attention to. These will save you a lot of money later on from choosing the wrong hosting service.
1. How Long The Company Has Been In Business

The longer the company generally is better; new company may not have an experience to handle specific issue that you will encounter later on. Do they have proper technical assistant, in case your website crash during the high traffic hour? You can find about how long the company has been in business generally at about us page, if you don’t find this information you should be a little suspicious.

2. Ask Fellow Member

Ask fellow members of your church about their experience with particular hosting company. What is the strong point and weak point? This way you can have clear expectation what the company will offer to you.

3. 2 In 1

A lot of good Christian web design amp; hosting I know have some kind of all in one package. If you host your website at that company, you will get discounted price for the specialized design. This can save a lot of money since web design is not cheap depending on the complexity of your website.

4. What Kind Of Features They Have

Do you need specific database, PHP, MySql or any other website features? You should check if the hosting company has this kind of features right from the beginning. As the visitor of your website growing you may need to upgrade your server capacity or need more features to make your website easier to use and more attractive. Seek the help of web development companies for better results!

How to Survive the First 90 Days of Your New Job

After a painful application process and three rounds of interviews, you’ve finally been selected as The One for your dream company. Congratulations! The first 90 days of any job are a time of major adjustment, learning and adaptation, but also the most critical for your future. You’ll need both courage and a positive attitude to make it through the rough spots, and these three months are essential for creating a strong foundation for your future with the company. Whether you’re jumping into an entry-level sales position, taking on a teaching role, or now get to be the boss of fellow employees at your organization, here’s how to survive the first ninety days of your new job:

Survive the First 90 Days By Always Being Early
You need to set some high standards-and stick with them—when you first start out, and being punctual for meetings, events, and even just starting your day is one of the best ways to make a lasting impression. Being on time shows respect for your coworkers, the boss, and also yourself; plan to get to your destination at least 10-15 minutes ahead of schedule whenever possible.

Survive the First 90 Days by Asking for Help
Even if you were a superstar at your former job, you’re on different turf and may need directions. Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor for clarification about a confusing assignment, and make sure you know where to go for help with specific projects and requests. Even when you think you know everything there is to know about that laser printer, stop and ask for help from the tech department if needed.

Survive the First 90 Days by Absorbing the Company’s Culture
Simple things such as communication style, general attitudes, and the daily goals of the organization are signs of the corporate culture. You’ll need to adapt your work style to fit the agenda of your boss, supervisors, and coworkers so take the time to learn what works-and what doesn’t-by buddying up with a veteran or simply asking.

Survive the First 90 Days by Being Flexible with Your Schedule
Schedule changes and expectations can change frequently during your 90-day trial period, so be prepared to make adjustments accordingly. Just make sure you have as much of your position in writing to avoid miscommunication problems. Keeping a flexible schedule means you can account for last-minute meetings, overtime if it’s required, and taking on special projects as assigned. Most  hospitality jobs have this benefits and other related industries too.

Survive the First 90 Days by Asking for a Review After 30 Days
Most employers will give you a formal 90-day review to see if you fulfilled your objectives and whether this position will be a suitable match. You’ll get a strong sense of whether this job is good for you within the first few weeks, but it can be tremendously helpful to get your supervisor’s perspective after the first thirty days. This doesn’t have to be a formal review, but will simply be a meeting to make sure you are on the right track.

Survive the First 90 Days by Keeping Track of Your Workload
This is a great time management technique, but will also help you keep log your accomplishments and projects. You can track your work using a simple Excel spreadsheet, or simply create a journal with key points covered each day. This is also helpful when you sit down with your supervisor for the 90-day review where you’ll both have a clear understanding of what was accomplished—and what wasn’t.

Survive the First 90 Days By Losing the Attitude
No matter how things were done at your old place, this is fresh new territory and you need to show respect for the company’s culture, norms, and taboos. Leaving your ego at the door is one of the best ways to adapt to the ways and mores of the new company, and you’ll be much more likely to make friends along the way. Take the time to listen, interact with different groups, and just put parts of your personality aside for a while.

Making it through the first 90 days of a job can be stressful, but there are ways to get through the challenges with ease. When you’re committed to growing and learning, the entire process will be much easier; just keep an open mind and keep track of your progress for a simple and smooth transition!

I’m in Machu Picchu

I finished the off the beaten path trail to Machu Picchu and now spending my actual Thanksgiving in the mountains of Cordillera Blanca in Huaraz.  When one moves around frequently and spends time in the outdoors, what does it mean to celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving?   Realistically speaking, we’re conditioned to spend such occasions with family and close friends.  I have neither on my travels.  I have strangers who turn into a friend for a day at best or merely acquaintances that I met briefly along the way.  Does such scenario provoke a sense of loneliness and longing for human connection that is typically experienced at home with loved ones around meals?

For me, connection with myself is the key to never feel alone or lonely.  Aligning with my desires and who I am instantly bringing the connection that each of us naturally strives for.  In that way, any stranger is not a stranger – it’s a fellow human being with the same set of human tendencies that I can relate to.  I also met a hosting provider, who told me he can help me in boosting my site and in securing ranking hostingów and in developing a really nice content and website. I am so excited about this one.

And, of course, any hint of nature is an entry way to realizing my deepest sense of connection to myself where I connect with inner joy undisturbed by external circumstances.

Whether you are a nomad or not, a mountain lover or not, there will always be a choice for us to “be.”  Make the choice to “be” rather than wait for a condition to happen in order to “be.”  Happiness is close at hand.  You just need to grab it.

I’m grateful for the journey of “living.”  I forge ahead towards this adventure that is not at all devoid of challenges and yet is full of lessons that fill my life with meaning.  Enjoy your moment wherever you are on Thanksgiving.  Be happy.  Be grateful.

Summer and surfing



This girl Sofia, a good friend of mine, can ‘take the heat over cold any day,’ is a lover of being under the sun.

And by being under its scorching heat, her favorite activity is none other than going to the beach and catching waves. She says that the biggest reason why she, and husband love to surf so much is because of its lifestyle. And that’s what they want to share to people.

“It’s the surf culture. It’s not just a sports. It’s not just about hanging loose. There is a big part of the culture you just have to experience it yourself,” she says citing some best surfing getaways .

She added, “When you’re on the water, and you catch a wave, it’s a very fleeting moment, you know, you’re removed from technology, from emails, from deadlines. It’s just a beautiful place to breathe in, relax, and recharge.” She adds that this was far from her previous job where she is in front of the computer lookinh at site for gadget reviews R-Tech24 among others. But this doesn’t mean that Sofie cannot stand lazying around the house. When at home, she who has a penchant for the creative side, would like to exercise what she learned from studying interior architecture in Australia.  “I’m such a lola. Like I just love to wake up in the morning and then fix the house, look for inspiration and for interiors,” She relays, stressing that they are currently renovating their house to make it more of a home as she starts a family with her husband. She recognizes the attention of being a celebrity’s better half but she makes sure that who she is will never be hidden in her husband’s shadows.

“The person you marry does not determine who you are as a woman, and I feel the same way about us. Echo feels the same way as well. I have my own direction, my own dreams, my own desires, he has his. And we have ours as a couple but it’s important that you maintain your individualities,” she says.

This woman knows well her path. She aims not to settle to where and what she is right now. Positive changes and further learning are her companion in living a full life of endless possibilities.

“I always want to try something and I always want to do things that scare me. Sometimes, they work sometimes they don’t.”

In the end, Kim knows where she is heading.

“I had so many jobs, mini adventures before I got to where I am now. And I would love it to serve as a reminder that each girl has their own purpose and whatever it is the desire that they have to pursue what they want to pursue is there for a reason and to follow it.”

Kim Jones has gone a long way since she poured out her heart and soul to finding her own path –from that small town girl in Australia to being one of the best fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the country.

Her story is an inspiring one to modern Filipinas who are in the phase of chasing dreams and wanting to find their passion.

Hers is a story of believing and finally finding love, all because she has a purpose.

And from there, she believed.



Like my mother

Ever since I can remember, I’ve never wanted to have kids. The idea of pregnancy just makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to be constrained in the idea that women are supposed to have kids. I’m okay with other people being pregnant but not me.

I just know that I won’t be able to handle having kids of my own. Having kids is a big responsibility, and it is a responsibility I know I can’t handle. I’m already bad with kids as it is. I can’t even take care of my own niece; what more if it is my child? I just know what I’m capable of and being a mother is not one of them. I can’t be the ideal mother I imagine. There is also the fact that I’m not yet completely sure what would my future entail.

I would rather focus more on my career and find a stable job. I’m just starting my life; I just graduated. I want to enjoy my life more. I’m happy with just being a good leader like my mother who is a tech geek. Well, I am very proud of her. She even taught me last weekend about access point test which I never knew and I decdied I wanted to be like her in the future.

Documenting people’s lives

, I am thinking if I could just document people’s lives. I have a best 360 grad kamera, with me wherever I go and I am interested in venturing to street photography through my 360 camera. I love how I see people and I would love to document their every day lives. Even their pets and the work they do. I have been in the city for six weeks now. I am from the country side and I can’t help but be nostalgic on my hometown. Here in the city, it seemed like a corporate jungle. Every person is always in a hurry. Every person is busy with work and almost all are irate. Unlike in my hometown, everything looks so slow paced. People smile at you when you pass them by and everyone is so friendly. I  think there are lots of people who agree with me. And I think there will be so manuy things people can relate with me.

Traveling and Health

Before going to other trips (after you’ve finished packing your things and going to cheap self storage companies for your things, you also need to keep in mind you health, especially your mediciines.

When packing for medications, the first thing you need to do is find a good container to keep them in place while traveling. Then, count the number of days or weeks that you’ll be gone for your trip and pack at least twice as much as you think you’ll need. This is to ensure that you have brought enough in case anything happens such as flight delays or extensions.


Getting obsessed


Okay, i am getting addicted to online shopping and the use of social media. My work requires me to be abreast with the latest news and stay connected to influencers and other key opinion leaders of the world that is why I need to be always online wherever and whenever i may be.  I am an avid believer that social media should be used with influence and not to scare away people or lead them to fraudulent acts. I am also an avid fan of online shopping as I have been introduced with it one year ago when my friend bought clothes in an online shop. My first purchase was three best Zegarki wooden watches  and since i like their service, I immediately went my way to shop more. I have also shopped clothes in different online shops, even rubber shoes, travel gears, appliances, and even a property right in front of my computer. You see the wonders of social media and internet right? It creates bridges and destroys barriers but one should be more careful. I must be aware of scams and other unlikely activities on the internet so i will not be fooled around .

Guaranteed Beauty Product

So when it comes to using all sorts of things I am unsure, but when it comes to this Vitamin C serum, I don’t know what else I can say about it except for the fact that it is the best thing that I’ve ever done for my face, and I don’t think that I’ll ever stop using it, ever. There’s nothing more Bountiful and beautiful in my opinion than that, and I just think that it is the best thing in the world, it’s this harmonious blend of everything that’s good, and it totally makes everything tighter, makes everything brighter, and makes all of your skin so much smoother. It has won all sorts of critical of praise and all sorts of loyal fans are willing to risk giving their word for this amazing serum, is just such a totally amazing thing, and I don’t know if it is the type of thing that I would recommend with that second guess. I guess, by that what I mean is that I think that I would recommend it to it literally anybody, it is literally a miracle worker. The type of thing that I never thought was possible to happen, happens when I use these. There are a few things that are comparable to this particular product, but nothing that even comes close to matching its effectiveness.


A traveler friend

Sometime ago, I met a traveller in Laos. We backpacked together for two months. I remember during our first meeting she asked what time is it. I gently told her what time it was and from there, we shared conversation over cups of coffee. We had lot in common. She is also finding herself, just like me. We both qui jobs so we can have a life of travel and we both went to Southeast Asia to find ourselves. We checked in a small but hip hostel and made more conversations as the they go by. We went island hopping, beach bumming, doing city tours, and even camped. We were best friends. However, due to an emergency she had to go back to Scotland immediately I was left behind. We were in Bangkok then and we parted ways. Before parting way, she gave me a couple of wooden watches which she says she always bring wherever she goes and she usually give it to a person she has been accustomed to. We still communicate with each other even after seven months and we are now planning to meet together somewhere in South Korea for our reunion.